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    How to Make Your Dapp Work Gasless for Those Poor Crypto Muggles

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    How GSN (EIP-1613) helps dApps acquire new users by reducing onboarding friction

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    Ethereum Will Go To The Moon Embracing Tolerance & Criticism

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    Miners Are Not Trusted Third Parties. Trusted third parties are security holes.

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    Imagine a bizarre world where startups only sold the goods and services they created in their own volatile stock

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    Yoav Weiss’s 1-800-Ethereum presentation at ETHDenver 2019

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    Sustainable bootstrapping of decentralized open source networks. Decentralized equity "No Utility Token" template for l2 and dApps

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    Talking about the future of decentralization at OECD blockchain forum.

  • Liraz image from Blockwalks 2018

    Liraz talks on cyber war, critical infrastructures & blockchain

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