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Gas Stations Network

Gas Station

GSN (EIP-1613) helps dApps acquire new users by reducing onboarding friction, the most common shared pain point of decentralized applications. The GSN provides dapps with a trustless & decentralized way of onboarding new users with no ETH to pay for gas fees, or even users with no wallet at all. 


With the GSN, dapps no longer have to trade off security for usability.

Gas Stations Network for
Toll Free Transactions

Medium blog

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Yoav Weiss’s 1-800-Ethereum presentation at ETHDenver 2019


Crypto wallet and payment platform

The Gas Station Network Alliance  enables developers to focus on making really cool experiences without needing to build meta transactions into their applications from scratch

Time for some truly frictionless UX: leverage TabooKey's Gas Stations Network to sponsor your users' gas fees with Portis

Founder of the Burner Wallet

Keep an eye on TabooKey. Their 'relayer returns' method was introduced to me and it was one of those "of course!" moments


Austin Griffith

Connecting users to dApps

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