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Tabookey Cyber Insurance Platform

Cyber Security 2.0

Protecting Digital Assets with Scalable

End-to-End Security

Our Solution

TabooKey removes the cyber security roadblock to Web 3. We've invented a non-custodial technology that keeps your digital assets secure even if the worst happens and your private key is compromised.

Our solution achieves end-to-end security with no central points of failure. End-to-end from an intention in a human brain to an outcome on an asset. This allows attack-proofing digital assets under your control in a way that doesn’t require you to have any cyber security expertise. Security scales with the value of secured assets to be as strong as needed to protect against the relevant threats.

We're a team of top Israeli cyber security experts that deeply understand blockchain. We realized that a new approach is needed after running into the limitations of existing approaches while designing the security for a digital asset custodian.

Intention Verification

Intention-aware verification process


Survives stolen private keys

Protection from central faiure

Decentralized failure resistance



Safe Channels

Safe Channels

Protecting Assets With Scalable End-To-End Security

Safe Channels protect digital assets with a reversible failure-resistant process that is similar to the reversible failure-resistant process we use to protect legal contracts like real-estate deals.

All pending operations on assets are published on-chain and vetted within a delay period by a coalition of guardians who stake collateral. This allows bad pending operations to be undone before they can cause irreversible damage. 

Liraz Siri

Liraz Siri

 Former security architect for a digital asset custodian. Ran 1st Bitcoin block explorer until 2017

Serial entrepreneur. Whitehat. Founded Israeli cyber warfare unit

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Yoav Weiss

11th Checkpoint employee. Inventor of key security technologies for Intel, ARM, McAfee and gov agencies

Founded MobileSpaces 
Sold to PulseSecure in 2014

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Kfir Damari

Deep hands-on cyber security expertise as head of R&D for an elite military intelligence unit 

Co-founded SpaceIL moonshot to win Google Lunar X PRIZE

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